30 Days To Mind Implosion

After spending several weeks over at Codecademy I was ready to venture into some more intermediate tutorials. Finding intermediate level teachings has proven a challenge. There has not been a shortage of intro to HTML and CSS stuff on the web, but intermediate level gets a little fuzzy. My challenges with attempting this on my own have been that I truly do not know what I don't know. So, where do I go once I have the fundamentals? Having spent most of my adult life in a structured classroom, I have come to long for the comforts and predictability of a syllabus. My replacement for this formal learning outline have been a magical marriage between this tutorial and this book.

I came across the 30 days tutorial and really liked how everything was laid out. I was able to skip through the first couple weeks as I feel I got a fairly good grasp on this through other sources. Starting at the third week, I watched the videos and practiced what I was learning in my CodePen account. I divided each page and did both things at once. The efficiency was a beautiful sight; so much so that I took a screen shot to look back at when times get tough.  Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.27.43 AMScreen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.34.23 AMAn additional amazing thing I learned from these videos so far is VALIDATION. You can actually run your work (HTML & CSS) through this site and it will list any warnings and errors you may have on the page...so cool. I have noticed that is it not always correct and sometimes points out things that are not actually errors, but it is a very helpful guide. Basically it points out your mistakes even though it makes a lot of them itself, but you don't take it personally because it's a site. Fun! (Which I mean quite literally as my life is obviously pretty low key these days). Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.46.17 AMI have been using the book as a reference when I run in to terms that I am not familiar with (which is most) and for a quick refresher for things that my old brain is refusing to retain; damn you relative and absolute positioning! It has been a very useful and easy read so far. Plus, pictures are always a good thing.

Happy imploding!