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I am not even sure where to begin in recapping the past four months, so let me just cut to the chase: tl;dr various sinus infections, allergic to dog?, moved across country, rain, discovered code, rain.

Now that we got that personal stuff out of the way lets talk shop. In the midst of attempting to educate myself on the insanely abstract world of graphic design, I realized with sheer horror that I may need to know a thing or two about the Internets and DOING the Internets?! That is not what I signed up for. I wanted to mostly color on the computer and giggle while I created a vector bird sleeping in a donut nest. Well, in order to ease my terror I decided to look into this HTML and CSS business to know NOW if this was a deal breaker for my fragile, liberal arts trained mind. I needed to confront this coded beast head-on.

I started off with a very basic overview (like, "what the heck is this gibberish?" sort of thing) and decided I could handle knowing more without spontaneously combusting. As far as starting with HTML, I found Treehouse to be outstanding. Not only is it for beginners (and I mean beginner to the extent that is should be italicized so hard it should be illegible) but I found Nick Pettit to be a very patient and forgiving teacher. Treehouse, along with a personal homework assignment of making an actual website, have been a great introduction to HTML so far.

Next, CSS. I get excited just typing it. As far as Treehouse goes, I wasn't feeling the video style that they implemented for the CSS courses. This I solely attribute to my particular learning style and realize that others may find their CSS videos cray cray amazing. From what I watched (which admittedly wasn't much) it was the basic instructor and powerpoint lesson. I find that I need to DO what I am being taught as it is being showed to me in order to have any chance of retaining such coding nonsense (or anything at all, ever, for that matter). So this brought me to Lynda. I have used Lynda before for Illustrator, but after some "Intro to CSS" level "classes" I found myself wondering if I would know what C.S.S. even stands for before my 30th birthday (hey...it's not that close). If I want to know something, I want to know it now, like any true ambassador of my generation. So that didn't work out.

That brought me to Codecademy. I simply cannot praise this site enough. I was reluctant at first because of the lack of video lessons, which to me initially seemed like the obvious preference.  However, after running (sprinting) through a few sections, I am a believer in the sans video technique for such learnings. Super fast, super hands on, super love it so far.

My newfound appreciation of web design, while not overshadowing my passion to "do" graphic design mediocrely, is very quickly becoming something I also want to do kind of well. I realize to any Internet doers out there that this may be old hat, but to me it is new, it is shinny as hell, and I want to go to there.