Illustrating Trash

So I woke up one Thursday morning (trash day in our house, think Christmas but much more exciting) and thought about how there are far too few books about trash. Just garbage trucks and trash. No story to it other than the beautiful simplicity of throwing things away and the garbage truck coming to get it. My toddler is obsessed with throwing everything away, even things that should stay, as the book indicates. We had to end up putting the trash in a profoundly inconvenient, unreachable (almost for adults as well) location, but a kid still needs his garbage fix. That's where You and I comes into play. 

You and I is the simple tale of a boy and the delightfully mundane events leading up to garbage day. This book, unlike the previous one I wrote and illustrated, came to life more in Ai than on paper. While I sketched out and traced the actual character on paper, the scenes were built exclusively in Ai. I was inspirited by my love of Seattle to work with transparency and predictable directions for overall layout and feel. I am completely head over heals with the dark, quiet, neutral-ness of this city...if that makes any sense at all.

Thanks to all the practice I got with my infant book, The Knittie Witties, I wrote and illustrated this dirty little toddler book in about a month and a half. A hardcover printed draft is on the way and a free PDF version will be on the site soon.

So, thanks Ben, for being completely type A and having a totally obsessive personality. You are truly my 25 pound wrecking ball of a muse. But now the fun is over and I must get back to HTML.

Will post pics of printed hardcover when it arrives.

tl;dr FREE kids book to come about the glamorous day that is trash day