Oh, Hi!

My first post. It is already more fun than I imagined it would be. It has been a very exciting last couple months diving into the incredibly intimidating and fancy pants worlds of graphic design, Illustrator, Photoshop, typography, illustration, etc, etc, etc. I have always been creative and used drawing and painting as a way of getting ideas out of my head to avoid implosion, but literally went into this knowing nothing about the tools or the formal rules of design. I went to school. For a very. Long. Time. I decided almost right away that I did not want to take that route again. Aside from having the school debt load of a lawyer with a Ph.D., I felt like this is a field that should embrace the Internets for all it's worth. SO I sat down to create a personal course schedule which I will most definitely be breaking down in a later post. Structure and time management are the only way I make it through the day to day; an impromptu bagel for breakfast instead of the usual oatmeal? Shutters. Not for me.

Forgive me if all of what I will be running my mouth about is completely obvious to everyone (assuming someone, anyone else is reading this other than my husband whom I will require to) but in my Interneting these last couple months I found many people in my situation looking for guidance and advice on breaking into this fickle beast of a profession. I really want to use this blog as a discussion on the best books, tutorials, etc, on learning and understanding design and the tools associated with expressing this creativity.

I really hope people find this useful and view it as a place to discuss online resources for feeding our brains. I also plan on having a weekly pig illustration (a pigercise?), so at the very least, read it for the pigs. Do it for the pigs.


Disclaimer: I am generally very socially awkward and this somehow translates perfectly over the web as well. You have been warned.