My name is Joni. I’m the managing partner at YupGup. I work from home at the top of Delaware and have what my enemies would say are too many houseplants.

Photo of Joni Trythall teaching a web design class to kids

My Background

I went to school for a long time before learning as much as I could about design through articles, books, and just simply trying and failing and repeating. I have a B.A. in history with minors in anthropology and political science, and an M.S. in human services administration. Having spent my early career as a nonprofit grant writer and program manager, I learned very early what sort of impact thoughtful design and content can have on the world.

My formal transition into web design started with a series of articles and a book about writing scalable vector graphics. This passion for building on the web has led me to wearing many different design hats. From product and marketing design, to UX/UI design, to branding and graphic design I’m proud of the exciting, enriching path this hat collection has carved out for me.

As a remote-based designer of nearly seven years I am able to clearly see that my seemingly unrelated background makes me a more well-rounded and understanding communicator, which is at the heart of successful design. I still spend my days researching, defining goals, writing, gathering and processing feedback, and creating. The main difference now is that I am in a position to consider the entire experience of a project, strategizing and taking action.

My Values

Above all I value humility, transparency, giving back, and producing work I’m proud of and that brings people a sense of joy and belonging. Forging genuine connections means the world to me and if I ever have the pleasure of teaming up with you I’ll be anxious to chat over a video call to get to know one another. I’ll pick out the perfect mug now to prepare.

Around the Webs

I strive to be moderately good at many things. Be sure to check out my allergy friendly food blog, A Picky Pig, and a drawing blog I have with my son, Bologna and Ben. I’m also a proud member of the Window Box Club.