Seeking: A Remote, Part-Time Role

27 June 2019

Update: I was able to find the perfect role and truly appreciate those that took the time to read this and reach out. 🤗

I have decided to start looking for a remote, part-time design role and thought perhaps it would be helpful for both myself any anyone looking to hire if I documented who I am and what I’m even talking about.

While running YupGup is thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling I am finding the ebbs and flows for small agency life to not be very accommodating to the many additional, unfortunate expenses life has sent my way this year. I’m not currently planning on giving up the company, but I have realized I need to find an additional role that involves consistent hours. I also simply miss working within a team but cannot commit to most full-time, traditionally inflexible situations.

In order to round-out my current schedule I am looking for a role that meets the following criteria:

12-20 hours a week (can commit to consistent weekly hours)
Fully, exclusively remote
Long-term or at least 6 months

Here’s a look at some things I can help you with:

  1. Web design
    • Visual and interface design
    • Iconography
  2. Brand identity
    • Logos, typography, color palettes
  3. UX research
    • Discovery
    • Interviews
    • Testing
  4. Marketing & graphic design
    • Print collateral
    • Swag
    • Illustrations

A Bit About Me

My start in design was in the front-end and product space and I’ve slowly moved into a more creative lead and UX role. Since flexibility is everything to me, I have spent most of my design career as a freelancer or running a small agency. The spectacular part about this approach has been that I have always needed to wear a variety of hats, including that of various design roles, project management, and sales.

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Joni Trythall teaching animations to kids with computers on floor

My favorite hobby is getting into hobbies. I’m passionate about teaching, writing allergy-friendly baking, houseplants, doodling with Ben, studying exercise videos on YouTube several times before attempting any move in public, and enthusiastically forcing these same hobbies onto people I love.

Child in a greenhouse surrounded by houseplants

Recent Work

For the past two years I have been primarily focused on creating impactful marketing design experiences for small, friendly brands. These full-scope projects include research, brand identity, content and SEO strategy, web design, print collateral, and overseeing development and CMS integration.

Here’s a quick peek at a couple most recent projects:

Preview of Gwendolyn Weston site design

Preview of DjangoCon US 2019 site header design

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Happy to pass along additional work samples via email.

Remote Advocate

I’ve worked exclusively from home for the entirety of my design career and have learned how to positively contribute to a team and self-manage in this environment. I get stellar work done and make lasting work friendships all within the limitations set by my family obligations.

I’m empathetic to the needs and struggles around working remotely and have written quite a bit about it, including this post on combatting isolation.

Joni Trythall home office

Core Values

There are few things as special as partnering with others that hold similar core values. From experience, learning things the hard way, and DNA I have found that I cherish and exercise the following values and philosophies in regards to work:

  1. Autonomy
    • I have mastered the fine art of self-managing through years of freelance and contract work. I get my tasks done on time and within budget through a carefully crafted approach to project management and scoping.
  2. Transparency
    • Successful design doesn’t happen in a silo. The idea of a tortured creative-type that disappears for weeks only to emerge with a beautiful, effective solution does not exist. My process is open and communication takes place regularly.
  3. Thoughtfulness
    • I always consider and care about the entire experience of something, from design projects to relationships with coworkers. I want to make sure my work is stellar but also that people genuinely enjoy working with me. I send handwritten cards. I follow up to see how your kid’s baseball game went.
  4. Humility
    • I take my work seriously but also understand that there is always something to learn, improvements that can be made, and laughs to be had lovingly at my expense.
  5. Forever Student
    • A significant part of why I was drawn to this field is that there is a never-ending list of things to learn, problems to solve, and tools to try. I enjoy learning and writing about each journey and “gotcha!” as a way to give back to the very community that helped me get started.

Sound Like a Match? What’s Next? 💌

If you happen to be looking for someone to fill this type of role I’d love to chat more about how I can help. Send me a message or a DM and we can set up a video call. I’m looking forward to it and will be ready with my favorite pig mug in hand.

Hope to talk soon, friend.