Gwendolyn Weston

Art Deco & Purple as a Requirement


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Gwendolyn Weston, an iOS developer, accountability coach, and speaker, was looking for a new visual identity for We worked together to refine a style that is mature and professional but also speaks to Gwen’s bright and cheerful personality.

The goal was to have this be Gwen’s home on the web, representing her personal style, listing her talks, and most importantly serving as a place for potential clients to gain insight into her coaching offerings. Since the coaching page has the most content and can be a fairly abstract concept, it was especially important to break this up into manageable chunks and add supportive illustrations. This page offers a great deal of transparency without being overwhelming. The homepage also includes an announcement section where Gwen can share her latest projects, such as a link to buy a zine.

We went through several rounds of visual direction iterations and color palettes, ending up in a much more mature, minimalist, and bolder place than we started. There is a lot of color on the site but it’s not intrusive in regards to copy. Gwen now has a new and shiny brand with documentation and a site that encompasses her personality and professional offerings.

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  • Purple but not over the top
  • Fresh content
  • Announcement section
  • Strong typography
  • Whimsical