Searching for Vulnerabilities in Style


Full Margie mascot, an illustration, fun detective with binoculars

Preview of Margie brand guidelines document

This was one of my favorite smaller projects. Since the product scans through code for vulnerabilities and issues a series of warnings based on level of severity I knew I wanted to rely on a color palette that typically makes up these types of communication warnings. Detectives and spies were frequently mentioned as being appropriate and desired for this project so I ran with that without being too stuffy or serious.

I wanted to make sure the mascot for this didn’t take on too many literal human characteristics, remaining fairly low fidelity. Margie utilizes the full color and allows for a lot of neat swag opportunities. Most of the time on this project was getting the binoculars just right. I tried several different perspectives before what is shown was ultimately chosen.

With the pleasure of naming this soon to launch Lincoln Loop product, I came up with the name Margie as a variation of Marge, the awesome detective in Fargo.


  • Text-based logo
  • Security colors
  • A mascot
  • A name