React Conf

A Highly Saturated Sunset for Stellar Technology


Full React Conf sunset with the React atom as the sun

Preview of React Conf banner designs in mockup form

I was thrilled to spend the summer of 2018 developing and carrying out the visual identity for React Conf 2018, The event is taking place in breathtaking Henderson, NV on Lake Las Vegas. This was an all-inclusive project that required a site, logo, swag, and print design.

The React atom proved ideal to act as a sun in a sunrise scene that played to all the unique aspects of the location. It was important that a darker palette was used for this project. The sunrise provides vibrant, warm colors that are inviting and easy to work with regarding print design and site UI. I originally pitched five concepts that varied in theme and fidelity level, with the brightest and most adventurous being chosen by the organizers.


  • Friendly, approachable
  • Exciting, energetic
  • Based on location
  • Web and print design