Soft Skills Engineering

A Friendly Identity for Vulnerable Topics


Full Soft Skills Engineering logo and mascot and text

Preview of brand guidelines

It takes more than great code to be a great engineer, and that’s what the Soft Skills Engineering podcast is all about. After my initial pre-design questions and research I developed a true sense of what sets this podcast apart from the others: the hosts are very personable and humble, working hard to make sure guests are comfortable discussing potentially difficult topics and have fun in the process.

I pitched six initial concepts for this project, ranging from more expected visuals like sound waves to much more adventurous ones like soft serve ice cream. The common element across all these concepts was the use of a softer color palette, contrasting what can typically be seen in this space. In the end the chosen concept fell somewhere in the middle, capturing the conversation element of soft skills in a fun, lighthearted way. The logo speaks to the spirit of the hosts, the feedback of the listeners, and the overall tone of comfort and friendliness the show deliberately produces.


  • Not overly technical
  • Desirable stickers
  • Approachable
  • Non-intimidating
  • Bright