A Cheerful Logo & Mascot with a Cheeky Name


UpDog dog illustration flying in a paper airplane

Preview of the UpDog brand guidelines, documenting logo and color

UpDog.co had been operating without a logo and needed to have a brand put in place for marketing, outreach, and customer recognition. After reviewing the competitors it became clear that UpDog was unique in its voice and tone and approachableness. I worked to create a look and feel that was professional but also played to these existing strengths that set it apart from the others.

The product allows users to publish websites using files within Dropbox and Google Drive. I wanted to speak to this primary functionality through a playful illustration that incorporated the concepts of “up”, “dog”, and ”files”, with the result being the dog from the logo going up in a paper airplane. The mark is the simplified version of this scene, with the dog looking up. Not all users of this product consider themselves technical, so it was important not to use any imagery that was overly intimidating or related to coding.


  • Incorporate a dog!
  • Speak to product functionality
  • Fun and lighthearted